Import used to work, now it doesn't

QuestionsImport used to work, now it doesn't
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Good morning. 
I have successfully imported a PDF before, then it randomly stopped working. The backend shows the progress as 0%. 
After searching around the interwebs to find a solution, I noticed in the settings area the following:

  •  PHP is 5.3 or higher
  •  Imagick PHP Extension is not loaded
  •  Imagick PHP Wrapper is not supported
  •  Imagick PDF Support is not enabled
  •  GhostScript is supported. v.8.70 
  •  Upload folder: /home/bmchs/public_html/wp-content/uploads/pdf-light-viewer is writable
  •  Logs folder: /home/bmchs/public_html/wp-content/pdf-light-viewer-logs/ is writable 

We use GoDaddy and according to them, Imagick is loaded. So I am unsure how to get our functionality back. Any thoughts?

replied 9 years ago

Hello, could you please send output of phpinfo() command of your site to the ? Especially the part related to the Imagick extension –