Possible pagination error with importing PDF

QuestionsPossible pagination error with importing PDF
Anonymous asked 8 years ago
I have imported a file twice now, and I noticed something odd about the pagination shown in the thumbnail navigation. On your site, the navigation shows the thumbnails with the pages side by side, but mine shows the on top of each other. you can see what I mean by checking out my page here.
I am using a standard PDF file, so I don’t understand why it would display that way. Since it does, when you view the document, it only shows one page at a time. I am not sure if there is something wrong with the document, the import process, or the theme. This also may be a reason why my document display is so huge compared to the page.
Please have a look at the way mine displays and let me know if there is a remedy to this.

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support answered 8 years ago
Sorry for the late reply.
As far as I understand, you’ve removed the flipbook from the page already. But regardless I’ve seen similar issues before. It caused mainly because of the css styles conflict – conflict between plugin’s styles and other styles on your site (theme or other plugins). So probably some styles of your site override styles from the PDF Light Viewer plugin. This is a common thing among the plugins, which allows your site styles to override to make appearance more “native”. Unfortunately sometimes it needs more fine tuning during the integration.
If you’ll display flipbook again, I could give you recommendation on what and where should be changed in styles.
Regarding showing one page at a time. This related to the view responsiveness. Currently if the parent container of the flipbook is less than 850px then the flipbook will be set to the one-page mode.