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Jessica Kong asked 8 years ago
It appears there is a plugin conflict with Types 
Fatal error: Cannot call overloaded function for non-object in /home/rang31and/public_html/wp-content/plugins/types/library/toolset/installer/includes/installer.class.php on line 45
Love the plugin, but Types is critical for the work I do.  I’m getting a white screen when I try to do specific things on the admin side like search for a plugin or try to save changes made in PDF Light Viewer.  
I am also unable to load/access PDF category archive pages.
Please help!
Thank you,
replied 8 years ago

Hello Jessica,

Thank you for your message.

First, let’s confirm that you mean this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/types/
If yes, please let me know your Types plugin version. I’ve tried Types version 2.0.1 and it worked fine for me.