1. image magic fix via update? 2. update to pdf viewer? 3. wp cli — path is missing in the example

QuestionsCategory: PDF Light Viewer1. image magic fix via update? 2. update to pdf viewer? 3. wp cli — path is missing in the example
victor asked 7 years ago

  1. it would have been nice if i wouldn’t have had to stumble upon the vulnerability issue of imagemagick accidentally but had received an email from you, since plugin users are just that: users. clients in other words. how else shall users know that a piece of software that your product is relying on (or even came with) hass issues? can we expect to be informed if someone has fixed it with an update to imagemagick?
  2. due to the combination of dashboard-integrated pdf-management, import and file-COMPRESSION (!!!) pdf viewer is theoretically the best product out there when it comes to handle pdfs on a large scale in wordpress. practically there are a number of improvements which could be applied easily: streamline the import-process due to better process-handling, offer more options for a custom display of pdfs, make category-pages available or some sort of filter, offer sorting of pdfs on the display-page, count views for reports etc. … is it likely that the plugin will become updated soon?
  3. in the wp cli-example the path to the wordpress installation is still missing ( –path”path/to/wordpress/”) – a few more explanations might have been helpfull as well, btw. cheers!

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support answered 7 years ago
Hello Victor,
Thank you for your message.

  1. Yes, you\’re totally right. We’ve also added warning notice to the plugin so it will be shown on the site\’s admin dashboard. It will be included in v1.3.0 which will be released today.
  2. Thank you for your feedback. I’ve added “Category pages” and “Category filters” to our roadmap https://trello.com/c/etPprd5L/41-category-menu
  3. This is wp-cli parameter but however we’ve added it to our example as well.  

support answered 6 years ago
Hello Victor,
Category pages and category menu added in the new version of the plugin 1.3.2+0.1.1. Please check it when you’ll have time