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AvatarZen asked 4 years ago

I have the most recent version of the PDF LightViewer Pro, and the “Add or Upload File” is not working.  Additionally, if I can link to the file directly (i.e. just provide a hyperlink to the PDF’s location), the PDF will not import.

supportsupport replied 4 years ago

Hello Zen, could you please add more details about the issue. What exactly versions of the PDF Light Viewer and PDF Light Viewer Pro Addon do you use? What happened after you click on “Add or Upload File”? Are there some javascript errors in browser’s console (some instruction on how to accomplish this )? Direct links will not work, currently for security sake only files uploaded via wordpress Media Gallery are supported.

Avatarzencio replied 4 years ago

I am running WordPress PDF Light Viewer Plugin v1.3.5 & PRO Addon v0.1.2.

When I click the button, nothing happens.

There are no errors thrown in the Developers Log in Chrome, and the log that the plug-in generates cannot be accessed as the plugin says that “Today’s log file does not exist.”

Avatarzencio replied 4 years ago

I just updated the Plug-in with the latest update. It did not fix my issue.