Problem about pdf viewing on Fb

QuestionsProblem about pdf viewing on Fb
Luca Barbieri asked 2 years ago

Hi, I’ve got a website where I upload music scores via Pdf Light viewer, embedding them in posts, and everything works ( Nevertheless, I’ve got a problem on the corresponding Facebook page when surfing on Facebook on a mobile: when I open a post redirecting to a page of that site embedding a pdf, the content of the PDF is not displayed, just buttons above appear (download, scrolling pages etc.), and then blank pages. Nevertheless, if I visit that page directly on Chrome (always on mobile) everything is displayed. Is it a Facebook issue? Here is the FB page I’m referring to, please choose the first post and try to see it via mobile:

Thank you

Please note that I use Meta business site in order to make post, and paste the url of the page in a case.