can you share publications between multisites?

QuestionsCategory: PDF Light Viewercan you share publications between multisites?
Mike Saalwaechter asked 4 years ago
in other words I would like 
Ok on site #1 (the publication subsite) I would like to have all 50 pdfs. Then on any of the the other sites in the multisite (like subsite #2, subsite #3, subsite #4 and so on…) be able to use them, without have to reanalyze them and take up more disk space.
As of now I have the plugin installed and activated on a couple sites in the multisite installation. I have pdf’s imported on the site #1 and I was testing trying to display them on site #2…
Should the publications show up in the admin panel, or do we just use the shortcode from the parent site, and reference it somehow?

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support answered 4 years ago
Hello Mike,
PDF Light Viewer plugin uses Custom Post Types, which will be saved to posts table of the site where it was created.
You can try to use to query PDFs by their post type – pdf_lv