Chinese language PDF won\'t be imported

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Tamarelle asked 5 years ago
I am using the PDF light viewer plugin to convert PDF files into HTML flipping books.
Unfortunately, I am facing an issue with my chinese language PDF. Indeed, I cannot import it as a flipping book. The program has been running for one hour, on different websites and the progress bar still shows 0% progression.
Is this because of the chinese language that cannot be recognised to be transcripted into HTML ?
We already decreased the files size up to 2.6M
I cannot find any log file for today. And I have no idea how to process now to import this PDF.

Hope you can help.

replied 5 years ago

Hello Tamarelle,

I believe the issue shouldn’t be related to the Chinese language. Could you please share your PDF if possible so we can test it on our end?

Thank you