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QuestionsDisable page turn animation on one page PDF
Jon asked 3 years ago


I’ve got a one page PDF that still has animations for page turns in the bottom right corner. Is there any way to get rid of the animation?

Page is at https://apgnews.com/community-news/history-page-test/


replied 3 years ago

Hello Jon, we will add a change for this use case in the next plugin version – 1.4.10
Meanwhile if you wish you can add the following code

when: {
// code start
start: function(e, pageObject, corner) {
// disable corner hover for single page documents
if (
magazine.data(‘pages-count’) == 1
&& (
corner == ‘tl’ || corner == ‘tr’ || corner == ‘bl’ || corner == ‘br’
)) {
// code end
turning: function(event, page, view) { …

to the file in our plugin installation: