error trying to view all pdfs page

Questionserror trying to view all pdfs page
debbie asked 4 years ago
i apparently “broke” the all pdf page when i uploaded too many pdfs (21) or something. when i tried to go to pdf page for a bulk action i get this error: “The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.” no email ever.
i deactivated and reactivated. i deleted pdf light viewer and pro add-on and reinstalled. i deleted their folders on the host server via wp file manager. installed again. i’ve even deleted the 21 files i processed. deleted every folder i could find for them. same error every time. there must be a data marker/preferences/ whatever it is called that i can’t find yet i need to delete before this will work. help please? i have about 160 issues/editions to process. yours is the best viewer. please help!  thanks.