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Valentin Wormbs asked 3 years ago
Hi, i am still very happy with your PDF Light Viewer Plugin. I´m using it to display my Students Design Work. (If you are interested: viernull.ag.htwg-konstanz.de) The only feature I´m missing is the choice to start the player with a double page layout instead of a cover page. For example, we made a magazine with 256 pages and would like to split it into single articles. Most of the articles start on the left side of a double page layout. Would it be complicated for you to implement a button to choose between starting with single or double page? Perhaps this would be a nice feature for the Pro Version?
Kind Regards
Valentin Wormbs 

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support answered 3 years ago
Hello Valentin,
Currently we use turn.js library for flipbook animations and as far as I can say it doesn’t support mentioned feature.
That’s could be useful feature. We’re working on the new plugin, and I’ll plan to have this feature implemented there