Flipbook malfunction on Microsoft Surface (or comparable device)

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Christine asked 3 weeks ago

A customer using the plug-in on our site wrote with this issue:
“Using the latest Chrome version, I can’t get the “click the corner to flip the page” function to work on the preview. I have a touch screen laptop/tablet hybrid, so I can flip the page using the tablet-like finger swipe functionality. But when I use my mouse to access a corner, the “Zoom In” functionality works, zooming me in on the text as I navigate to the corner, but the “page turn on click” function does not work. If I disable the “Zoom In” function using the toggle provided, I can avoid zooming while I navigate, but clicking to turn the page still doesn’t work. This may be due to the fact that I have a touch screen monitor . . .”
We are running the up-to-date versions of the plug-in, our theme, and WordPress. I’ve tested other touchscreen devices (iPhone, iPad) but didn’t run into this problem. Is this a common issue with such devices?
Thanks so much. We love your plug-in!