Flipbook malfunction on Microsoft Surface (or comparable device)

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Christine asked 3 years ago
A customer using the plug-in on our site wrote with this issue:
“Using the latest Chrome version, I can’t get the “click the corner to flip the page” function to work on the preview. I have a touch screen laptop/tablet hybrid, so I can flip the page using the tablet-like finger swipe functionality. But when I use my mouse to access a corner, the “Zoom In” functionality works, zooming me in on the text as I navigate to the corner, but the “page turn on click” function does not work. If I disable the “Zoom In” function using the toggle provided, I can avoid zooming while I navigate, but clicking to turn the page still doesn’t work. This may be due to the fact that I have a touch screen monitor . . .”
We are running the up-to-date versions of the plug-in, our theme, and WordPress. I’ve tested other touchscreen devices (iPhone, iPad) but didn’t run into this problem. Is this a common issue with such devices?
Thanks so much. We love your plug-in!
replied 3 years ago

Hello Christine, thank you for your message. This is the first time we receive the issue report regarding Microsoft Surface device. Unfortunately we have no Microsoft Surface to test this use case. However Chrome browser should work on all platforms about the same. So for now I have no ideas what the issue is.