How can we dismiss dashboard setup message?

QuestionsCategory: PDF Light ViewerHow can we dismiss dashboard setup message?
SooBahkDo asked 3 years ago

Hello,We really like your plugin.How do we make this dashboard message quit appearing?\”PDF Light Viewer Plugin Pro: requirements are met, happy using!\”It needs a DISMISS link or something so it does not appear after the 1st time or after the user selects for it to NOT appear again.Thanks

SooBahkDo replied 3 years ago

This notice is really annoying. How can we eliminate it after initial setup?

supportsupport replied 3 years ago

It should be automatically dismissed after first time. If it doesn’t then I believe there could be some PHP error. If you can, please share erro_log (send it to so we could investigate.

SooBahkDo replied 2 years ago

There are no references in the error logs and Debug Bar reports no issues. However, the admin message remains displayed on all sites where the plugin is activated and it is annoying. Can you provide a code hack we can do to remove it until you update it to solve this issue?

supportsupport replied 2 years ago

You could comment this line to make notification disappear for now

supportsupport replied 2 years ago

Do you use it in wordpress multisite mode or each site is separately installed?

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SooBahkDo answered 2 years ago

Hello, We are only using it on about 6 selected subsites. Each site has a different theme and different active plugin combinations, but all display the admin message when the plugin is active.

SooBahkDo replied 2 years ago

I removed the indicated code and the admin message still displays. ???????

SooBahkDo answered 2 years ago

I removed line 65 in AdminController.php and the admin message is finally gone.     Start your code here// after install notifications public static function showActivationMessages() { $requirements_met = PdfLightViewerPro_Plugin::requirements(true); $plugin_title = PdfLightViewerPro_Plugin::getData(‘Title’); if ($requirements_met) {I REMOVED THIS LINE: self::showMessage($plugin_title.’: ‘.__(‘requirements are met, happy using!’,PDF_LIGHT_VIEWER_PRO_PLUGIN)); } else { self::showMessage( $plugin_title.’: ‘ .sprintf(__(‘requirements not met, please check <a href=”%s”>plugin settings page</a> for more information.’,PDF_LIGHT_VIEWER_PRO_PLUGIN),PdfLightViewer_Plugin::getSettingsUrl()) , true); } } Start your code here

SooBahkDo answered 2 years ago

I hope you can  fix this soon. After every update I must edit AdminController.php and delete line 65 to make the admin message go away.

supportsupport answered 2 years ago

Hello SooBahkDo,
This issue should be fixed in v1.3.0