How to force scaling 100% for PDF img?

QuestionsHow to force scaling 100% for PDF img?
MaciekRyd asked 7 years ago
I have PRO version and there is a problem while working with Headway Theme.
If I enter the shortcode into the Content block – the pdf img is scaled improperly: data-recalc-dims=”1″ (PDF on the top of the page referenced below)
If I enter the same code into the text block – everything is fine, i.e. width=”100%” height=”100%” (PDF on the bottom of the page referenced below)
It looks like in both cases THE SAME shortcode is interpreted different way… Is it something we can enforce with shortcode parameters, please?
The website for review of sourcecode in vierwer is 
I would appreciate prompt response, please! 🙂
Regards & thanks,
replied 7 years ago

Strange but worth to know that there is simple solution. Jgst deactivate Jetpack plugin a activate it again. Error disappeared. Thank you. Great plugin😎

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