How to preload all pages?

QuestionsCategory: PDF Light ViewerHow to preload all pages?
Christian asked 5 years ago
Is possible to preload all pdf pages?
When i turn a page (or click on the next page arrow) the plugin turn page and then lazyload load the imgs of the page usinf a fade in effect.
i noticed that the plugin mantain in memory a range of 6 pages so if i navigate in pdf between those pages lazyload wont trigger cause the imgs are just loaded and i don’t see the default blank page. 
I’m wondering if it’s possible to preload on document load all the pdfs pages so lazyload won’t trigger.
replied 5 years ago

Hello Christian, I understand what do you mean. All pages are preloaded but then they’re loaded from browser cache. I tested it locally and I believe this will be a quick fix which will be added in the 1.3.11. I’ll notify you additionally when it will be released.