How to show PDF, whcih has imported , on a page?

QuestionsHow to show PDF, whcih has imported , on a page?
David Yuan asked 4 years ago
I just installed WordPress PDF Light Viewer but I did not have a clue. After I imported a PDF file, I did not see anything on my website. I added new page and added the page to menus, but I don\’t know how to link my PDF to the page. It is simple to use \”PDF Embedder\” or \”Algori PDF Viewer\” but I don\’t how to make \”WordPress PDF Light Viewer\” working for me. Anyone can help? I should install \”Serverless Addon\” first? Thank you! Appreciated!


1 Answers
support answered 4 years ago
Hello David,
you don’t need Serverless addon to show PDF on a page. Just use a shortcode ( ) which you should see on PDF editing page after the import, and then paste that shortcode on the newly created page. Please let me know if you’ll need further help.