ImageMagick/GraphicsMagickPHP not found on WordPress

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notforpublicdisplay asked 4 years ago
Trying to use PDF  Lite Viewer that requires both of these. WordPress plugin warning shows the \”Protect……ImageMagick is on fire…..\” but NO Plugin to choose/activate.
Please advise or provide link if possible to activate these (not in browser window either, but on WordPress site) 

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support answered 4 years ago
Hello notforpublicdisplay,
ImageMagick and GhostScript are server/site libraries, which are already present on most hosting platforms over the internet. You may check whether they’re available on your site on our plugin settings page ( /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=pdf-light-viewer ) in section “Plugin Requirements”. If you see that all checkmarks are green then there is nothing to worry about and everything should work fine.
If some checkmark is red then you can find more info in the following articles:
Please let me know if you have more questions.