ImagickException thrown unable to open image

QuestionsImagickException thrown unable to open image
Yasir Abid asked 2 years ago

I can not import a specific pdf file.Without that one,every file is importing properly.What happened with that?it’s showing "ImagickException thrown

unable to open image `/home2/aslegalh/public_html/aslaw/wp-content/uploads/pdf-light-viewer/3368/page-00001.jpg’: No such file or directory @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/2882" this to resolve this issue??

replied 2 years ago

Hello Yasir Abid, could you please share that file if possible so we could test it on our end? One of the reason why that could happen is outdated ImageMagick library installation on the server (it’s not technically possible to upgrade it from our plugin installation or WordPress installation itself). Please check for more info here –