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AvatarLinda Kimrová asked 12 months ago

Hello, I have installed PDF Light Viewer plugin and I have issues with inserting pdf files into page content.
I checked settings of the plugin and it says that all requirements have been met. I imported PDF file, it was all fine, it generated shortcode and PHP, but when I use the shortcode in inserting media on page editation, in embed automatically appears video.
I saw the video guide but there is used a URL of the pdf. First, the URL doesn’t appear under the title at all, second I tried to link the pdf using URL from media library… it was just simple pdf.
I couldn’t find any pieces of information about this issue, I don’t know if there is another way how to insert it and I don’t what to do with it.
Can you please help me?

supportsupport replied 11 months ago

Hello Linda, we’re facing that kind of issue at first time. Could you please share web page address so we could check?