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Patrick asked 3 years ago
I bought the PRO Version via codecanyon.
Then, I installed the normal plugin and then, I would install my codecanyon zip file. 
The following occours:
Entpacken des Pakets …
Das Plugin wird installiert …
Das Paket konnte nicht installiert werden. Es wurden keine funktionsfähigen Plugins gefunden.
Plugin-Installation fehlgeschlagen.
It means, there were no working plugins. But it definitely activated.
A clean installations fails to.
What can I do? Best regards

1 Answers
support answered 3 years ago
Hello Patrick, Codecanyon interface has two buttons
1 – to download all files, in our case zip file contains two plugins: Main plugin and Pro Addon
2 – to download only installable Pro Addon
Please let us know if it won’t work for you