JPEG Qualitiy and Search Issues

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Maksimilian asked 4 years ago
I have purchased the PDF light viewer plugin today and I ran into many issues. When I upload my files, and they get converted to JPEG’s the quality becomes rather weird. The images are good, but they become rather bright, which makes the look bad. I also noticed if I add PDF files with many pages, the plugin at the end of uploading mention’s that it has failed to upload it. Even though the file displays correctly in the end(still images are very bright) the search feature does not work. 
Any help will be appreciated.
replied 4 years ago

Hello Maksimilian, thank you for your message. I’ll need more details regarding the search issue: what file are you importing, what errors do you see, what means “does not work” in the current context?

Also please send us some example PDF file where you faced quality issues.