Make thumbnail of PDF fit "card" in matrix view

QuestionsMake thumbnail of PDF fit "card" in matrix view
Tom Butler asked 8 years ago
The header bar that has “Books” in it is wider than the … I think you call them “cards” as containers for the thumbnails. Can I center or space the thumbnails to better fit under the header bar?
The thumbnails are too big for the “cards” and are not centered. Can I make the “cards bigger or the thumbnails smaller? I already figured out how to make the “cards” longer, but when I try to make them wider, the page goes from 4 to 2 columns.
Thanks! Good plugin!
replied 8 years ago

Hello Tom, if possible please share example page url so we could advise what styles changes you can do to achieve the requirements. Id the page is not public you could send it to us in email to the

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Tom Butler answered 8 years ago
The page is at