Make use of ghostscript optinal in favour of Smalot-Parser

QuestionsMake use of ghostscript optinal in favour of Smalot-Parser
Bodo Kälberer asked 7 years ago
On our server the pro-plugin fails to parse some pages of pdfs because the used ghostscript-command (version 9.18) does not finish.
For example there is a pdf with 48 pages: the first 24 pages are scanned in a few seconds and on page 25 the gs-command doesn’t return anymore. It runs until it gets killed manually.
The problem is the same if the command is executed in ssh.
In the plugin there’s a fallback that uses \Smalot\PdfParser\Parser which is used if function_exists(‘shell_exec’) returns false. This class parses all pages successfully but its needed to change the php-code to activate it.
Can you add a setting to switch off the use of ghostscript using the parser-class instead?
Kind regards

2 Answers
Bodo Kälberer answered 7 years ago
No reaction at all? Come on! We’re paying are customer and it needs just a checkbox to make us a “satisfied, paying customer”.

support answered 7 years ago
Hello Bodo,
Sorry for the late reply.
The setting called “Force Smalot library text import” will be added in the PRO Addon version 0.1.5 ( )
We will release PRO Addon 0.1.5 this night.
Bodo Kälberer
replied 7 years ago

That works fine.

We still have the Problem that some pdfs-import fails on the first try at random status of progress. But the second imports work well and as we do a new import just a few times the year….

Thanks alot.