Masonry Full Thumbnail / One page with thumbnail not working

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Davide Paci asked 1 year ago

Hi there 
I recently bought the PRO version, willing to display the Archive page in a different manner…
Unfortunately, the Masonry Full Thumbnail and the One page with thumbnail showcase seem to create a 503 error! It keeps loading, but nothing happens… I had already seen it on the demo page ( but thought it was an error of your template.
Is there something I’m missing or are you aware of such error? Thanks bye

supportsupport replied 1 year ago

Hello Davide, thank you for your message. We will check this issue and I’ll write back the results.

1 Answers
supportsupport answered 12 months ago

Hello Davide,
Please check PRO version 0.1.6 which should be available on Codecanyon in few hours right after moderation.