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Cees asked 4 years ago
Using an amp url with an embedded pdf viewer (using PDF Light viewer) does not display correct.
See: https://nicolettedeboer.com/leerhulp/rekenen-groep-7/amp/
Standard url with correct pdf view: https://nicolettedeboer.com/leerhulp/rekenen-groep-7
How to fix this issue?
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support answered 4 years ago
Hello Cees,
I don’t have much experience in AMP pages, but as far as I can see after some search, AMP pages don’t support javascript https://stackoverflow.com/a/43748748/741782
This means that any plugins on your site, which require javascript (as PDF Light Viewer for example) won’t work.
As a workaround you can try to embed PDF Light Viewer inside iframe tag ( https://www.ampproject.org/docs/guides/iframes )