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AvatarAndy Eder asked 11 months ago

Hi, I am using serverless add-on and can’t import PDF files. The tutorials don’t show the steps for serverless add-on. The import PDF button is just not reacting when I click it, and no conversion is happening. The log file is empty. I bought the pro add-on and the serverless add-on today on Envato, so pls let me know what is wrong. Thanks! Andy

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supportsupport replied 9 months ago

Hello Andy, probably some javascript issue could occur. If the issue still actual, we have two ways to debug it: you can share some temporary access to admin dashboard with us (please send accesses to the support@teamlead.pw) or you can try to debug it yourself. Please let me know which way do you prefer and I’ll send instructions if needed.

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supportsupport answered 9 months ago

Hello Andy,
Serverless addon has been updated to the version v0.0.6 today that should fix the issue you had. v0.0.6 will be available after Codecanyon review cycle and you should receive notification from Codecanyon by email.
Please let me know if it will work for you. Thank you in advance!