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AvatarLEE YIU CHUNG KELVIN asked 3 years ago

Dear Sir/Madam,
I purchased the PRO version, how can I preset the default setting to all my new PDFs with
Hide thumbnail navigation enable
Hide thumbnail navigation 500
Limit book height by the viewport in fullscreen mode enable
Hide fullscreen button enable
Disable page zoom enable
Show toolbar next and previous page arrows enable
Show page numbers enable
Can I also do the setting from shortcode and php script?
Best regards,

1 Answers
supportsupport answered 3 years ago

For now PDF Light Viewer plugin has no settings presets. But you can achieve this by creating some “template” PDF post and then use something similar to to duplicate it and then import different files for duplicates.
For now possibility to override mentioned options via shortcodes or php code is not implemented (though some options could work, for example download_allowed=”0″).
Alternatively you could override flipbook settings by using WordPress filter


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