Uncaught exception 'ImagickException' with message 'PDFDelegateFailed `

QuestionsCategory: PDF Light ViewerUncaught exception 'ImagickException' with message 'PDFDelegateFailed `
Alber asked 6 years ago
I’m not able to convert this pdf http://www.njmsonline.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Volume-5-Issue-1.pdf
this is what error i’m getting 

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support answered 6 years ago
Hello Alber,
Thank you for your message.
I see the issue which you have.
First of all I tested your PDF on our testing environment ( ImageMagick 6.8.9-9, Ghostscript 9.18 ) and could successfully import it https://nimbus.everhelper.me/client/notes/share/581772/ndr6g926c8t3oh2fubgs 
We’ve received reports about similar issues from the systems with old ImageMagick and GhostScript libraries and described it on our forum here. I’ll also provide it here for reference:

This issue could appear in situation, when you are trying to import newly created PDFs with old versions of Ghostscript, for example Ghostscript 8.70 which was released about 7 years ago! – in 2009-07-31 (http://ghostscript.com/doc/current/History8.htm )
If you import PDF and see the described error, probably (but not definitely) your PDF contains some parts, formatting or content which were added to the format/specification after 2009.
And that’s probably the reason why you cannot convert this PDF. Though for more simple and/or old PDF Ghostscript 8.70 could work perfectly and because of that we do not limit Ghostscript requirements.
We could successfully import most test PDFs from our users with Ghostscript 9.18 (released in 2015).
Besides that’s the good practice to update software often for security reasons.

Please let me know what ImageMagick and GhostScript versions do you use.