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Graham Ward asked 3 years ago
I have been using the plugin for some time, however, one of my site users reports an error on some pages, he is using Firefox to access the site. I don’t get the error when using Firefox.

[pdf-light-viewer] shortcode cannot be rendered due to the error: No converted pages found.
If PDF has been already converted, then probably there were some errors during the import. Please check plugin error log on the settings page and your site error log for errors.

Some pdfs do display correctly. There are no error log entries on the PDF Viewer setting page.

replied 3 years ago

Hello Graham, if users of your site are seeing “shortcode cannot be rendered due to the error” message, but you don’t see it and instead you can see the PDF itself, then the issue must be in site (or your webserver) caching plugins. If you have any caching plugins, please try to clear site cache. Also, if possible, ask users who can see “shortcode cannot be rendered due to the error” to try to open that page with PDF from the incognito browser mode.