After Update PDF Lightviewer shows wrong aspect ratio

QuestionsCategory: PDF Light ViewerAfter Update PDF Lightviewer shows wrong aspect ratio
AvatarValentin Wormbs asked 3 years ago

i have some square PDF (30 by 30 cm) files to show on my website. With the last version of PDF Viewer everything worked fine and i got a square first page in flipbook mode. After updating PDF Lightviewer today, i get as first page a smaller, double sided page in flipbook. Do you know what went wrong? Is thee a chance to get back to the older version of PDF Lightviewer?
Here is th e link to my website with an example of the old and the new flipbooks version:

The PDF is almost the same, except 4 Pages added to the new flipbook below the »old« one.
Hope, you can give some help.
Kind regards 

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supportsupport answered 3 years ago

Hello Valentin,
I believe this thread is a duplicate of the
Let’s continue discussion there.