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Tom Butler asked 7 years ago
I have two categories: spirit-voices and atransc-newsjournal
An uploaded PDF produces an address of When I go to that, I only see a full screen picture of the first page with no navigation to the rest of the PDF

When I make a post with the [pdf-light-viewer-archive categories=”spirit-voices”], I get a link address of that takes me to a page that shows this:

Inline image 2

Nothing I do in Settings changes this display. When I click on one of the thumbs, I go to a page that is only the front cover picture with no navigation.

I get a bad link message when I go to

I figured out that, if I go to, I can get the list of PDFs. The default and matrix displays work, but only the front page picture is shown with no navigation. If I set it to the one page with thumb navigation, I get a very useful display that I can use.

The address for that is crazy but I can live with it. For atransc-newsjournals, I get:

To look at the spirit-voices category, I go to, and end up at: and see only the atransc-newsjournal content. it should take me to the spirit-voices category only.

I have tried clearing the WordPress cache and browser cache with no results. I deactivated and activated your plugins with no effect. Do I need to delete and reinstall them?



replied 7 years ago

Hello Tom, the image isn’t displaying. Is the question still actual?

Tom Butler
replied 7 years ago

Not active now. I had to remove the plugin and try something else

replied 7 years ago

Hello Tom, thank you for letting me know.