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Laurence asked 4 years ago
I’m having some trouble with my PDF Light Viewer Pro. The colors (primarily green grass) are very blown out after importing. I have increased the compression and resolution but haven’t been able to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, Ghost Script is not supported on my server (WP Engine) Is there any way to resolve the color issue? 
Original PDF:
Web Page: 
NOTE: Click on the “View Fundraising Book” button to see the PDF. 

  •  PHP is 5.3 or higher
  •  ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick PHP Extension is loaded 
  •  Imagick or Gmagick PHP Wrapper is supported. v.ImageMagick 6.7.7-10 2017-07-31 Q16 
  •  Imagick or Gmagick PDF Support is enabled 
  •  GhostScript is not supported 
  •  Upload folder: /nas/content/live/pobfundraising/wp-content/uploads/pdf-light-viewer is writable 
  •  Logs folder: /nas/content/live/pobfundraising/wp-content/pdf-light-viewer-logs/ is writable 

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support answered 4 years ago
Hello Laurence,
I’ve tried to import your PDF with the current version of the plugin. Here is how the first page looks on my local instance – . It looks better for me than this example
I use `ImageMagick 6.9.7` + `GhostScript 9.21`. PDF Light Viewer plugin is trying to use GhostScript directly first and then fallback to the ImageMagick wrapper. So I presume installing GhostScript on your server could solve the issue.
We have an article about GhostScript installation though it doesn’t pretend to be full.
replied 4 years ago

Unfortunately, GhostScript is not supported on WP Engine servers. Am I correct to assume that there is no other way to resolve the color issue? Other than color the plugin is functioning just fine.

replied 4 years ago

I’ve tested the PDF which you’ve sent, played with different code settings, but cannot receive better results – without GhostScript the image looks darker . I’ve also tried to convert the whole PDF (from CMYK colorspace to RGB) before import and in this case colors look better after the import. You can test the converted PDF to see if it will work for you – . And for reference, here is the convert command which I’ve used . Answering your question – we don’t see other ways to resolve this kind of issue automatically except the one I’ve mentioned, at least so far.