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Michelle Whimp asked 4 years ago
Hi there,
I’m trying to upload PDFs to the Light Viewer, but I keep getting this error message at the 4% mark. It’ll get the first page, and that’s it.

 Import process failed due to the error: unable to open image `/home/content/a2pewpnaspod04_data05/65/41252565/html/wp-content/uploads/pdf-light-viewer/2139/page-00002.jpg’: No such file or directory @ blob.c/OpenBlob/2480

Is there a way I can reset the directory to something different, as it doesn’t seem to have anything attached?

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super Staff answered 4 years ago

Hello Michelle,
We received reports of the similar issues. Here are the list just for reference, maybe it would be helpful for someone else:
Briefly: Similar issue could be related to the filename. Sometimes underlying software for import PDFs cannot parse non-latin symbols from the file name. Could you please try to rename your file to something simple like “example.pdf” or “123.pdf” and then try to import it to check if the issue persists?