White border box around the pages after importing

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AvatarMarco asked 12 months ago

Dear customer support, the PDFs i’m importing are pretty one all the same, same shape, same output settings etc.
Some PDFs are perfect, on others PDFs after importing a white boxed border appear around the page, on all the pages. But this border does not exist before the importing.
Also, if i click on download button i can see the pdf i upload without the white borders, so really i tried to import, save again, reconvert, etc. but can’t understand why some files are boxed into this white border.
Can you give me an advice please?
Thank you.

supportsupport replied 11 months ago

Hello Marco, could you please provide link to the page where we can see the issue with the border? You can also send us two PDFs – the one, which imports correctly and the one, which has border after the import? You can send them to the support@teamlead.pw