linacampo asked 4 years ago
I have purchased the Pro version of the plugin. It was working just perfect. I updated my site to WP 5.0.3. and now when I try to create a new: page, article,etc, there is a blank page with this message: ” Se requiere de configuración Metabox tener un parámetro de identificación” “”Metabox configuration is required to have an ID parameter”, and I can´t create anything new in my site. I have to disabled the plugin and it works fine and I can create new topics, but I need to use the plugin. Please let me know what shlould I do.
Thanks from Mexico
Lina C.   
replied 4 years ago

Hello linacampo,

Please check whether you use the latest version of PRO Addon.

If plugins list shows version 0.3.0 but you still face the same issue, please try to re-upload/re-install PRO Addon.

Please let me know if that wouldn’t help.