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Oyta asked 3 years ago
As you can below the left side is original and the right is after it’s been converted by PDF light viewer. I’ve tried ticking “convert colors” but it doesn’t actually do anything. I have ImageMagick 6.7.2-7 2017-03-22 and GhostScript v.8.70. What can I do to make it look more like the original? I am exporting from Adobe Illustrator, do I need to do it in a certain mode? What is the PDF light viewer actually doing to cause these change in colors? Any help would be appreciated.

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super Staff answered 3 years ago
Hello Oyta,
You can send us example PDF and we will test it on our environment. Currently we have ImageMagick 6.9.7 and can compare to your results.
Additionally we\’ve developed new premium plugin called Serverless Addon. It\’s main function is to import PDFs without ImageMagick/GhostScript. Colors may be better when using it.
Please let me know your email and I\’ll send you free copy of the first version.