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Avatarbill asked 4 years ago

Hi, i am checking out the demos with chrome/safari on iphone, flipbook does not display at all, the navigation is all over the place.. 
is this plugin not supporting iphone/mobiles?

supportsupport replied 4 years ago

Hello Bill,

I just checked the demo on our site ( ) and I can see some issues related to the controls toolbar. But unfortunately I cannot reproduce the issue when the book isn’t displaying. I tested with iPhone5 iOS 9.3.5 with Chrome 53 and the latest Safari. Could you please let me know what software versions do you use? Screenshot also could be helpful if this wouldn’t bother you.

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supportsupport answered 4 years ago

Hello Bill,
The issue should be fixed in the latest v1.3.10 released today.
Please check it and let me know if the issue persists –