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AvatarRick asked 4 years ago

After I convert a pdf to a flipbook, the words are choppy and hard to read. I’ve set the JPEG compression quality to 100 and the JPEG resolution to 1200. Should either of those numbers be increased? Is there something else I need to adjust to make the flipbook more legible?
Thank you,

supportsupport replied 4 years ago

Hello Rick,

For now we have no additional options to affect the result images quality. But probably we can add option to adjust resulting resolution. I’ll add this feature to our roadmap ( https://trello.com/b/TwHB6XNv/pdf-light-viewer-public ) and will let you know when it will be released.

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supportsupport answered 3 years ago

Hello Rick,
We’ve released version 1.3.10 and added setting called “Output biggest side” which affects resulting pages quality – the bigger – the better quality.
Also in the 1.3.10 we fixed one bug related to the images quality.
Please let me know if it solves your issue.