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AvatarKDB asked 1 year ago

I have a problem. I did not upload any pdf’s the last few months but today I wanted to do so, but nothing happens when I push the button Import. Below in red, it says: [pdf-light-viewer] shortcode cannot be rendered due to the error: No converted pages found.  After I saved the page. I tried it whit some other pdf’s but it stays the same. 
The already published pdf’s work perfect, but new ones, nothing happens. I have the PDF Light Viewer Pro Addon, PDF Light Viewer Serverless Addon and of course the PDF Light Viewer.

supportsupport replied 1 year ago

Hello KDB, probably some javascript issue could occur. If the issue still actual, we have two ways to debug it: you can share some temporary access to admin dashboard with us (please send accesses to the support@teamlead.pw, do not use our public forum for this purpose) or you can try to debug it yourself. Please let me know which way do you prefer. If you prefer to debug it yourself, then we need to start from checking browser’s javascript console for the errors.

supportsupport replied 1 year ago

Also, please let me know what versions of plugins do you use.

AvatarKDB replied 1 year ago

I made you an acount for the website. You should get it via E-mail via the site.
Kind regards,

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supportsupport answered 1 year ago

Thank you KDB,
Accesses worked. I could successfully see the javascript error (related to jQuery object), could reproduce it in our development environment and fix. The fix will be introduced in Serverless Addon v0.0.6 release after Codecanyon review cycle, but I’ve uploaded v0.0.6 directly to the site to confirm that fix will work for you. I also successfully imported one of the most recent PDFs in the PDFs list.
Please let me know if that wouldn’t work on your side (any some cases you may need to refresh browser’s cache or try incognito mode to test).
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