ReferenceError: PdfLightViewer is not defined

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Davide asked 3 years ago
Hi there.
I’m experiencing a strange issue on this website:
Apparently, there is some kind of conflict between the WP theme (Listify) and PDF Light viewer plugin Pro. The conflict doesn’t exist if I deactivate the PRO version but keep on the light version…
In the console you can easily see this error:
ReferenceError: PdfLightViewer is not defined (magazine.js:86:18)


jQuery 4


The error results in a block of the Primary menu button on mobile version and doesn’t occurr on other pages, where the shortcode is not present.

Do you have any ideas on how to resolve the issue? Thanks bye

replied 3 years ago

Hello Davide, pretty strange case. I really don’t see the object PdfLightViewer in the page code source though it should be there. Do you use some custom hooks related to the PdfLightViewer plugins in your other plugins or theme? Is PdfLightViewer main plugin active?
You could also try to send us some temporary dashboard accesses to check the settings ourselves, but for now I have no clear idea what could be the issue unfortunately.

replied 3 years ago

Hi there. Did you get my answer? Didn’t hear you back!

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