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QuestionsPDF Light Viewer Plugin conflict
Moacir asked 7 years ago
The plugin PDF Light Viewer Plugin conflicts with another plugin I installed:
Carousel Slider by Sayful Islam
When PDF Light Viewer Plugin is active, the Carousel Slider by Sayful Islam stops working.
I need to use the two plugins,
How do I solve it?

1 Answers
support answered 7 years ago
Hello Moacir,
Probably it’s too late to answer, but I think better late then never.
I’ve tested PDF Light Viewer 1.3.18 and Carousel Slider 1.7.4 and it worked fine for me https://s.nimbus.everhelper.me/share/1102961/9o87rbmpb0o8avl6o65p
If you still have this issue, please let me know.