Different page sizes in 1 pdf doesnt work great

QuestionsCategory: PDF Light ViewerDifferent page sizes in 1 pdf doesnt work great
henk jansen asked 5 years ago
I am using PDF Light Viewer Pro to split and show different PDF files. Some PDF files have different sizes in 1 file.
For example, the first page is a long a4. The second page is a wide a3 page. with the newest version of pdf light viewer pro, the images are shrinked in height. i made a rollback to an older version. after that, the image was not shrinked, but the page was to low, so not the whole image was visible. i fixed this by chaning the height values in the database -> postmeta -> pdf-page-height. 
i think it will be hard to code to check the image height for every page, but maybe an input value in the back-end will help.
a second, simpler problem is that when i save a file, the field – import pages, is empty. so when i want to re-import them, i have to open the pdf, checkout the pages and enter it again. it would be helpfull if the import-page field is saved.
hope this will help!
Sorry for bad english.
replied 5 years ago

Hello Henk, you’re right, for now the plugin doesn’t support different size pages. But probably this feature would be useful. I’ll add it to our roadmap. Will add second request as well.