QuestionsCategory: PDF Light ViewerPDF Light Viewer Pro: Blue and grey patches on PDF pages after Upload
Tanya Quintieri asked 4 months ago

Hi, I am having serious issues with a PDF file. After uploading a perfectly good PDF, some pages have big blue and grey blotches all over them. See screenshots!
This magazine is supposed to go online at midnight, so I appreciate a quick fix!

super Staff replied 3 months ago

Hello Tanya, is this issue still actual?

Tanya Quintieri replied 1 month ago

Hi, yes! See Thumbnails aren’t right either. Please advise. My client is going nuts on me.

super Staff replied 1 month ago

I see – the first thumbnail is missed. I’ve tried to import PDF and I can confirm the same issue on our side. Is this the only PDF which the described issue? Is it possible, that the PDF just corrupted?

supportsupport Staff replied 1 month ago

At least I can see the other one works fine

Tanya Quintieri replied 1 month ago

I had the same issue with the previous PDF. I compressed it and then it was gone. But this one is already compressed. The PDF is fine, see the download button on the site (

1 Answers
supportsupport Staff answered 1 month ago

Hello Tanya,
The issue should be fixed in the version 1.3.19 released today. Thank you for your help and please let us know if the fix introduced in the v1.3.19 will solve the problem.

Tanya Quintieri replied 1 month ago

Thanks! That worked.