QuestionsCategory: PDF Light ViewerArchive Links lead back to the home page and best compression/resolution numbers for image quality?
Ryan asked 4 months ago

I have PDF Light Viewer Pro loaded and the short code for the Archive page in place, but when I click the archived PDF link it just takes me back to the home page.
I’m also trying to make the PDF load  a little clearer, my current settings are: compression 100, resolution 300, and Output Biggest side 1024.
Are there better settings for a sharper image?
The site is:

1 Answers
super Staff answered 3 months ago

Hello Ryan,
Unfortunately we don’t have ready recipes for the quality improvement. However I believe you can increase the biggest side to get bigger resulting image resolution.
The issue with clicking on the archive links is strange, but I believe it’s related to some theme/plugin code conflict. If you want to debug this issue further, please try to turn off most plugins to see if this will solve the issue. If it will, then turn plugins on one by one to see what plugin conflicts. Please let us know the results.