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Amy Haisten asked 5 years ago
I saw this in another post but the discussion was sent to another link that was removed.
I am trying to upload newspapers and magazines viewable by this pdf viewer. Everything is actually typed and can be searched for within acrobat when viewing in acrobat. But the plugin says “This function cannot be enabled because text was not parsed from pdf…” I have the pro version and the pdf was uploaded after the pro version was installed. I have two versions of the pdf uploaded. One is password protected so when downloaded it cannot be altered. But I have tried the password protected version and the non protected version with the same results. (I purchased as Pink Pixel Media.)
replied 5 years ago

Hello Amy,
Not all PDFs could be parsed unfortunately. Could you please share some test PDF with us for testing so we could test it on our side. If your PDF couldn’t be parsed you can request a refund via Envato/Codecanyon.