Quality degradation when pdf converted to flipbook images via imagick

QuestionsQuality degradation when pdf converted to flipbook images via imagick
Tim Hibberd asked 8 years ago
I was running the pdf light viewer on GoDaddy successfully until GoDaddy shut off ImageMagick/imagick due to a security flaw. I switched my server to AWS and installed the latest ImageMagick/imagick library. The pdf light viewer works again but the quality of the images in the converted pdf is now visibly lower than when I ran it within GoDaddy even though the quality settings have remained unchanged at:
JPEG compression quality = 60
JPEG resolution = 300
I notice that there is another bug of a similar nature: https://support.wp.teamlead.pw/q/words-choppy-after-conversion/
Based on my symptoms and the symptoms reported in the previous bug report I would hypothesize that the quality settings are not being passed through to the ImageMagick software.
According to the imagmagick documentation – the default resolution is 72 dots per inch which appears to be the low quality I am seeing here.
See http://ftp.icm.edu.pl/packages/ImageMagick/beta/ImageMagick-6.8.5-5/www/command-line-options.html
replied 8 years ago

Hello Tim,

Yes, there is obviously some issue with the quality parameter. And we have few more reports about it via email. We will investigate it and fix. I’ll let you know any news about it.

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support answered 8 years ago
Hello Tim,
Just wanted to let you know that quality issue was fixed in the 1.3.10 release.
Please check it when you’ll have time.

onepresstech answered 8 years ago
Yes. We put that update in place when it came out. It fixed the quality issue nicely. Thank you for your hard work…it is much appreciated. Very nice plug-in.