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Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Good Evening,

I am using your plugin and love it thus far, but after page 6 the page zoom stops working. Can you please advise on how to fix this.

Thank you,

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supportsupport Staff replied 2 years ago

Hello Ryan, please take a look at the new v1.1.6 and let me know if it solves the issue

ridingsr replied 2 years ago

Support,Yes, everything is working as expected now!Thank you,Ryan

supportsupport Staff replied 2 years ago

Glad to hear that. Good luck!

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supportsupport Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello Ryan,
Thank you for reporting this issue.
This issue should be fixed in the next 1.1.6 version. We finished it on Nov 23 but it requires some testing, so release delayed a little.
I will update this thread once it will be released.